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Individualized Care to deliver optimal results for each person uniquely.

We tailor the solution to you and not the other way around!

Problems We Solve.

Traditional Plastic Surgery only deals with the physical appearance.

Our Mission

To change Plastic Surgery to treat Mind, Body and Soul.

Dr. Shitel Patel

Why was Lift Plastic Surgery created?

So, a little background about me that most people don’t know:

My parents were forced to move from suburban Chicago because of racism in the late 80’s.

It’s a hot topic currently — as long as man has existed.

They did not blame the situation but they took responsibility for changing their lives.

They did what many minorities do, they became self-employed and purchased a motel.

I grew up in this motel in Florida. Met ALL kinds of folks.

My drive to become a doctor was singular:

I REFUSED to run a motel!

The stories were worse than you can imagine.

{will save this for another day…………..}

Despite all of that, I did well in school, college, med school and beyond…

A total of 17 years of schooling after high school and

running from a motel that made me WHO I am today.

The affability skill set of interacting with all types of people

The ability to have a different set of tools to create solutions for my craft

The availability to be on constant call without compromising quality

Ironically, the motel I HATED, set me up for SUCCESS!

The difficult journey I endured still helps to ground me today.

It also, reminds me of the great privilege I have to treat patients.

During the greatest struggles, we build the strength to fulfill our desires.

The decision to change is always uncomfortable but without discomfort progress will not be made.

I was surprised with how much I had in common with my cosmetic surgery patients.

Your fears.

Your struggles.

Your journey.

Your hope.

Your conviction to see positive change.

Along my training, I discovered that being a Plastic Surgeon required more than the physical change. I would see patients that looked amazing but felt so differently about themselves. That's when I realized that the mindset of surgery was as important, if not more important, than the surgery itself. That's why we provide a holistic treatment plan and figure out they "why".

The "why" leads us to the best option to live in our dream body for the longest time possible. It is one of the things we only have one of.

Ready To Take Control Of Your Confidence?

Let's do this.

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